Services: English publishing


Our team of native English-speaking editors have experience working on:

  • professional magazines
  • academic books
  • policy, evaluation and research reports
  • manuals
  • case studies
  • conference presentations and proceedings
  • annual reports, brochures and and newsletters.

We work in a variety of fields:

  • science, technology and innovation
  • space research and exploration
  • higher education
  • capacity development
  • natural resources management
  • climate change and sustainable development
  • international development cooperation and consulting
  • development sociology and economics

English-language editing

 Our in-house editors offer four levels of editing services:

Light editing
for texts written or already reviewed by native speakers of English

Heavy editing
for texts written by non-native speakers of English that require work at a number of levels or need to be published in different media.This level of editing involves style, tone, grammar, syntax, vocabulary, fact checking, presentation, paragraph transitions and sentence length.

for texts that require a major overhaul or have to be published in different media. This level of editing involves editing and rewriting texts in a more appealing style, introducing new thoughts and ideas to improve the texts, rearranging sentences, paragraphs and sections for a more logical overall structure.

for texts that will be sent to the printer, uploaded onto websites and mobile devices. Any leftover errors from edited texts are removed.

publishing services

We offer a broad range of English publishing services, suitable for any combination of media, including:

  • editorial management of cross-media publications
  • project management of one-off or a series of publications
  • editorial management of papers published before or after international conferences

content creation, web research

Web research for online news and information services
Our in-house researcher and research assistants use a great variety of tools and strategies to mine the web and provide clients with the information they need.

Writing and ghostwriting
Our in-house writers and network of freelance writers and journalists will create texts from scratch based on a detailed client briefing.