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A one-off magazine highlighting the many and varied stories of what happens when fundamental and applied research meet tangible social needs in developing countries. The editorial management of this publication was in the hands of WiW (Wereld in Woorden), Haarlem, the Netherlands.

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Recent Projects

Doing Business in Africa

A strategic guide for entrepreneurs discussing the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Africa. The book brings together insights from business practice, academia and policy to provide a broad overview of Dutch entrepreneurship in Africa. .Authors: Marjolein Lem, Rob van Tulder and Kim Geleynse, Published by Berenschot, Utrecht, 2013. In English. ISBN 978 94 9031401603.

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Editing and layout of ESA's scientific and technical publications

Contactivity has a three-year frame contract to provide ESA with editing and design & layout services for the organization's scientific and technical publications. These include special publications (SP series), scientific and technical reports (STR/STM), training manuals (TM series), history reports (History Study Reports) and newsletters.

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Knowledge for Development

This bilingual website supports the policy dialogue on science and technology for agricultural and rural development in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. It enables the ACP scientific community – primarily agricultural research and development scientists and technologists, policy makers, farmers and other stakeholders and actors – to share and review results of national and regional efforts and collaborate to harness science and technology for the development of agriculture in their countries.

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Higher Education and Globalization: Challenges, threats and opportunities for Africa

This book, published in English and French in 2010, presents strategy papers developed by the leaders of eight African universities. The authors take into account their countries' diverse economic, historical, educational, social and political dimensions both to develop and to strengthen the capabilities needed to create and disseminate knowledge, and thus to increase their competitiveness on the global knowledge market. Editors: Damtew Teferra, Heinz Greijn. ISBN: 978 90 816145.

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Involving Communities

This guide to the Negotiated Approach in integrated water resources management addresses the immediate water needs we are facing. The book, published in 2011, envisages the meaningful and long-term participation of communities in all aspects of managing the water on which their lives depend. Editors: Rob Koudstaal, Christa Nooy and Vijay Paranjpye. ISBN: 978 90 77648 11 7.

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